What is BEAM?

BEAM is a specialized market of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange for raising funds from joint- stock companies – mostly small and medium-sized enterprises – subject to lighter requirements.

On the BEAM market, you can also receive financing against issuing of bonds or even derivative instruments of option nature, based on equity – warrants and rights. It is also possible to offer hybrid instruments combining the qualities of equity and debt – for example, shares with a
fixed/guaranteed dividend, convertible debt, etc. This is important for financing startups that have reached a certain higher stage in their development.

On the BEAM, any company can raise up to 8 million euros per year quickly and under particularly favorable conditions, without actually falling under the ongoing control of the Financial Supervision Commission. You can also only list your company on the BEAM in order to achieve better conditions regarding a possible future offering.

To step on the BEAM, you need to hire an advisor approved by the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.