BEAM Services

DSP is an advisor approved for the BEAM market by the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, and as such will perform for its clients the entire cycle of services involved in the raising capital procedure:

  • Initial consulting;
  • Structuring the project in line with the client's investment strategy;
  • Legal and accounting preparation of the company, including the set-up of protective mechanisms to retain control by the majority shareholders;
  • Drafting the information document, as well as all annexes to it;
  • Executing the offering/subscription;
  • Distribution and registration of the new shares with the Commercial Register and Central Depository;
  • Ongoing legal support of the company after the completion of capital raising.

DSP has a vast investors network, but also offers to its clients several first-class investment intermediaries which have successfully placed many new issues on the BEAM. At the same time, the DSP acts as a client's lawyer and protects his rights and interests in his relations with the
selected investment intermediary(s).