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Cookies are small text files which are sent to your browser by a web server, stored on a computer and / or other device, used to identify the user and / or the device and to collect information. Cookies are usually associated with several categories depending on their functionality and purpose.



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Category of use: Processes (Providing the process of navigation within the sites)

Description: The cookie is used for the improvement of the sites and the provision of services expected by the visitor, such as navigating web pages or accessing secure parts of the sites. Without this cookie, they cannot function properly.

2. Name: Policy

Category of use: Configuration of services

Description: The cookie is used to determine whether you agree to the cookie policy on the Site.

3. Name: Google Analytics

Category of use: Configuration of services

Description: The Google Analytics cookie allows us to collect statistics on visits on the Site.

Attention: rejecting the cookies will delete all cookies from and will remove some of the buttons and functionalities available on the Site.


The Site uses Social Plugins, which are software components which add additional features to your Internet browser and easy access to widely used social networks. Please, note that we have no control over the content of the data transmitted from the social plugin to the respective platforms, as well as for what purpose the data will be used.  To learn more, please read the text below.

We use the following attachments:


The Site uses the Social Plugins of the social network , which is maintained by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”).  This plugin is recognised by the Facebook icon (or features the “Facebook Social Plugin”).  You can see the list and types of Facebook Social Plugins here.

When you visit a page on the site containing a Facebook plugin, your internet browser connects directly to Facebook’s servers and the content of the plugin will be transferred directly from Facebook to your internet browser, which will connect it to the website.  By connecting to these Facebook plugins, Facebook receives information that our respective Site or platform has been visited even if you are not registered or have not logged in to Facebook.

The information (including your IP address) is transferred and stored from your internet browser directly to a Facebook server in the USA.  If you are logged in to Facebook, a visit to the Site may immediately affect your Facebook profile.  If you interact with these Plugins, e.g.  click the “Like” button, or write a comment, this information will be immediately transferred from your internet browser to Facebook and will be saved there.  The information will also be posted on your Facebook profile and visible to your Facebook friends.

We do not have information about the content of the data which is transmitted to Facebook, nor how this data is used by Facebook.  Please, read the terms and conditions for setting up the protection of your personal data and the purpose and scope of its processing at: . If you do not want Facebook to show the visit to our Site on your Facebook profile, you need to log out from Facebook before visiting the Site.  You can completely prevent Facebook plugins from loading by installing extensions on your internet browser, e.g.  Facebook Blocker ( ).


Facebook Tracking Pixel

Usage category: Facebook marketing, remarketing and audience customisation

Description: The pixel analyses the actions of users for the purpose of marketing mechanisms.  Provides statistics on interests, gender, city, area of ​​clients. This allows us to manage advertising campaigns with a more accurate targeting of our customers.  We will only have access to this data if the customer has agreed to the use of the pixel through the cookie management functionality on the Site.