We know that

all Company’s business is of a big importance and strive to provide the best legal services. Still, sometimes our Clients just need to pick up the phone and talk to a friend - lawyer for quick advice on Company’s or even on personal related issues. And we are always there for them.


Together we have 20+ years of experience in almost every field of civil law.


Creativity – We dare to cross over business with law to achieve Client’s goals.

Perfectionism – Excellence is our minimum standard.

Sustainability – We build relations that go beyond drafting documentation.

Exploration  – We embrace legal challenges.

Our firm, our family – Our  people are our biggest asset.

Smart scaling – Growth and quality go hand in hand.

Principles of work

Clients first – We do not take this principle lightly and Clients’ interest always prevail.

Fast and professional – We believe that the only good legal advice is the one that comes on time.

Agility – We quickly regroup and restructure our teams to fit our Clients’ needs.

Deep knowledge – We develop both legal and practical expertise in the fields we step in.

One point of contact – Our Clients know their one trusted lawyer and can address him/her with any kind of questions and problems.

Honesty and expert networking –  If we do not have the right tool to solve your legal needs, we will be honest with you. We could recommend a trusted specialist outside our organization.