11th Birthday DSP

This year our law practice is celebrating its 11th Birthday.
We are beyond happy, after more than a decade in the business, to have reached the stage that
allows us to give back and support the community we grew in.

It’s our honor to have the opportunity to collaborate with YOU, our friends and partners. Thus,
rather than accepting presents and flowers, we would like to ask YOU to contribute and support
our initiatives.
We do like presents and flowers, BUT most of all we would like to give back and impact the life
of others.

What is the idea?
DSP Impact in collaboration with our partners from ABLE, BESCO and MULTI KULTI
Collective, will identify and select people, ideas or early stage teams to support their
entrepreneurial journey by deepening their knowledge and skills and contributing to their
financial challenges.

What is the money for:
The money that will be generated from YOUR contributions shall serve for:
1) Prize sponsor in the ABLE PRE-ACCELERATOR PROGRAM and/or
2) Prize sponsor of the private capital contribution required to a starting company to close an
investment round, either in the ABLE PRE-ACCELERATOR PROGRAM or in other investment
3) Any other idea/team/project that could utilize the money to attract a higher value than the
nominal numbers.

When to donate?
Our 11th Birthday celebration is the occasion, however, the reasons are deep rooted in our
hearts and we consider this as a long term project.
That is why we shall keep our fundraising account open and every contribution will be highly

Where to donate?
1) wire transfer – YOU could make your contribution to our fundraising bank account –BG49UNCR70001525303042 Or
2) contribution in cash – there will be a Donation box at the Party, on 11th of May.

What is DSP Impact?
We consider this initiative as a serious commitment. This is the reason we created a non profit
organization, with the aim to optimize and make the most out of YOUR contributions. At the
same time, we would like to legally divide our business from our charity activities.
Nonetheless, we would like to be fully transparent to our community and the organization is
established as a public foundation.